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Discover below the advantages for those who become a Plus-Fishing member:

How does Plus Fishing Member work?

1. Toddrat - Exclusive gift lure for 2024 Plus Fishing Membership

Shipping to members is scheduled for approximately 2024.07.01



Propagation of waves and vibrations downwards

The Toddrat is a topwater lure equipped with a blade that vibrates the body, creating a wavy motion that propagates downwards like a struggling small animal drowning in the water. With very slow retrieves, the propagation of waves and vibrations downwards is strong; increasing the speed, on the other hand, the blade vibrates and moves more horizontally, causing a slight roll of the body. The noise caused by the contact between blade and body and that generated by the impact with the hook attract predators from long distance and induce them to attack the lure with greed and determination.

  • Type:SURFACE
  • Length:90mm body
  • Weight:1oz


Toddrat body

The body imitates the silhouette of a small animal. It is shaken by the vibration of the blade, but bounces back due to its buoyancy, generating propagation of waves and vibrations both on the surface and downwards.

Based on the bodies of MT. Wake, BuzzJet Jr. and Fluster, a balance has been achieved that generates both surface and downwards waves.

Toddrat body

The result is an elongated body with a length of 90mm, chosen specifically to prevent the overlap of hook and blade. In addition, the body has two protrusions behind the eyelets to prevent excessive movement of the hook, further reducing the possibility of tangles.


Toddrat blade

The #5 Colorado-type blade (made by Deps with embossed details and 3-D eye) is connected to the body by a ball bearing swivel, giving it more freedom of movement, resulting in the creation of downward waves and vibrations that shake the body and in the creation of flashes.

Toddrat blade


Toddrat tail

The soft material tail, long as the body, evokes the image of a swimming mouse, creating a delicate ripple on the surface that encourages even the most suspicious predators to attack the TODDRAT. Even if damaged, it can be easily replaced by screwing on the replacement tail (sold separately) into the spiral that protrudes from the body.

  • Please note that repeatedly detaching and reattaching the tail will reduce the holding capacity on the spiral, causing it to detach.
  • Installation method: Fix the tail by turning clockwise and remove the tail by turning counterclockwise. During installation, make sure that there is no space between the body and the tail, attaching it with the triangular mark facing upwards.

Toddrat tail


toddrat hook

#3 hooks with #3 split rings have been chosen.

By placing two protrusions behind the hook eyes, it is possible to prevent excessive movement of the hook, further reducing the possibility of tangles.

  • HOOK SIZE:#3


2. Access to exclusive products

By becoming a Plus Fishing Member you can access the reserved area of exclusive Deps products, below you will find a preview of the items whose sale is scheduled for 2024 subscribers. We will update members on reserved sales via our blog, social accounts and newsletter.

In the 2024 member sale, a rod called "Sidewinder Area Trout Model", focused on the recently popular lure fishing, will be released! The popular model "Sidewinder Entry Model" is also planned to be included in the lineup.

As for lures, we plan to sell "AERO TWISTER" specialized in fast retrieve with a proven record of catching big ones, as well as "VASSALLO SWIMMER", "SWEET KILLER 210", and "new SLIDE SWIMMER SHADDER TAIL".

aero twister


bullshooter & bulldoze jr



Sidewinder Area Trout Model

3. Becoming a Member is convenient; you will gain more points !!

Subscribing Plus Fishing Membership is an additional advantage: the acquisition becomes 1.5 points instead of 1. This enables the Plus Fishing Members to accumulate points more quickly by ordering the products from our online shop. For further information, please see Plus Fishing Point Program.

The images may differ from actual colours depending on the digital resolution of your pc or mobile. Thank you in advance for your understanding. The lure will be your privilege when you enroll our web membership.

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