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The 2017 Plus Fishing Member subscription (or renewal from 2016) starts from 01 February and ends at 23:59 UTC+1, 28 February. The membership fee is 35 € + the cost of shipping, which depends on the destination country.

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Blade Hustler - Plus Fishing Member 2017

Blade Hustler is the 2017 Plus Fishing Membership enrollment gift!

The Blade Hustler is a single swisher performing a bait fish with its three elements: waterflow wave, flashing, and sound. The Colorado Blade equipped in its tail amplifies these elements and increases appeal. Further, its Spring Weight System loaded in the head gives vitality micro vibration that will fascinate bass.



A 125mm minnow-shaped body. Its floating posture set up to be diagonal attracts bass even while paused thanks to its flashing element and takes into bite only with a single action. Hook size: # 4


The prop with boss catches water and turns smoothly also in slow retrieve. Producing waterflow and pulling wave, the prop sound will reverberate.


Adopts Colorado 3.5 / Silver; a custom blade that produces wide and torque vibration. At slow retrieve it flickers with fluctuations, while at fast retrieve occasionally declines balance with its torque spin directs a moment of bite.

blade hustler prop

blade hustler blade

blade hustler sws


The Spring Weight System equipped in the head produces knocking sound from its inner wall and vitality micro vibrations.

These products are available exclusively to members and affiliates who sign up to the Member 2017.

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Subscribing Plus Fishing Membership is an additional advantage: the acquisition becomes 1.5 points instead of 1. This enables the Plus Fishing Members to accumulate points more quickly by ordering the products from our online shop. For further information, please see Plus Fishing Point Program.

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The lure will be your privilege when you enroll our web membership. The delivery will be after starting this program (approximately from 2017.05.15), therefore we ask your patience until then.

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