programma punti plus fishing

What it consists in

Plus Fishing Point Program is an initiative reserved exclusively to customers.

The program allows you to gather points capable of generating Discount Vouchers that can be used exclusively for making purchases at the Plus Fishing Online Store.

How it works

By purchasing products at our Online Store you are awarded a certain number of points, that may vary according to the type of product. These will contribute to generating Discount Vouchers that can be used for your next purchase.

How to enrol

To enrol you must register on our Online Store.

The registration is free of charge and it gives you a welcome credit of 100 points "Welcome Points 100".

plus fishing point program diagramma

The Points

For each Euro spent the customer obtains 1 point (10 Euros = 10 points)

If the customer has an active PLUS FISHING MEMBER plan, for each Euro spent you obtain 1.5 points (10 Euros = 15 points).

In the case of returned goods, with consequent cash refund, or cancellation of orders, the awarded points are cancelled automatically.

The awarded Points:

  • have no date of expiry;
  • cannot be converted into cash;
  • cannot be transferred to other accounts;
  • are not transferable.

N.B.:  The system rounds down the number of points so as to obtain a whole number.

The Points can be displayed in your shopping cart total after logging in or after accessing your Account.

The point calculation does not include shipping costs and the application of Discount Vouchers.

Each accumulated point can have a value from a minimum of 3 Euro Cents to a maximum of 10 Euro Cents

According to the points accumulated in the last 12 months, the customer is allocated a certain level band.

To determine the exact value of the point you just have to consult the table below.

N.B.: The Discount Vouchers converted from the points have a validity of 30 days from the date of conversion.

The minimum quantity of points you can use to convert them into a Discunt Voucher is 100 points, including its multiples (200pt, 300pt, 400pt, etc…)









PFPP LEVELAccumulated points in last 12 monthsConversion into Discount Vouchers
Basic from 0 to 999 points 1 point = 3 cents Euro 
Silver from 1000 points to 2999 points 1 point = 5 cents Euro
Gold from 3000 points to 4999 points 1 point = 7 cents Euro
Platinum over 5000 points 1 point = 10 cents Euro