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B crawl SETUP
Weight : 3/16oz (5.3g)
Type: SINKING model
FieldFresh water
PredatorBlack Bass
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Variants B-CRAWL SET UP 3/16oz


15,86 €
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Whether it's shore fishing or a boat. Easy swim jig method that fascinates big bass steady reeling!

A swimming jig method that is effective in a variety of situations from shallow covers to offshore areas off the coast. Among them, in order to let more anglers experience the effects of the "B crawl swimmer" and the trailer "B crawl flapper" that are specialized in the "bush crawling" method of attacking the shallow cover and the bush surroundings with a swimming jig, The set package is a set of colors carefully selected by professional staff.

The B crawl swimmer keeps the same retrieving speed and the same retrieving comfort by setting different weights with the same head silhouette by changing the tungsten specific gravity of the three types of 3 / 16oz 1 / 4oz 3 / 8oz heads. The feature is that you can change the approach range for each weight. In addition, it can be used in various situations as a Feco certified item that can be used in JBNBC tournaments, with a special hook eye angle to dodge the cover, two original wire guards, a flat side head shape that emphasizes roll action.

The setup package is a set of the B crawl swimmer body and the B crawl flapper of the trailer, and it is a set that can be used immediately by taking it out of the package and setting it. Retrieve at the time of by both hands of the B crawl flapper flapping in the water vibration created a configuration, you'll be able to continue to use concentrated because it produced the first time feeling easy to draw a sense of change in the angler.

Babataku revetment claw

Favorite color of Kasumigaura water system loco. The dark color, which is similar to the concrete revetment, is a protective color but does not transmit light, so the silhouette stands out in the water and appeals its presence. In addition, the chartreuse on the abdomen flicker during action, triggering a bite on the bass. Its track record has been proven as a hard bait fishing line color. It is also effective in other fields.

Chart back grippan (produced YOSHITAKA NISHIMURA)

Produced by YOSHITAKA NISHIMURA, Producer Color B-Crawl Swimmer & B-Crawl Flapper, the back-gripin has a distinctive appealing color on the back side that traces the intended line from landing to the boat. It is an idea to make it easy to use even for anglers who are new to swimming jigs by seeing things.

The effect of Chartback Glipin is that it is a little cloudy, and in fields where the water is originally cloudy such as the Kasumigaura water system and Tonegawa, the swim jig is effective in the spring to autumn season, which is one of the heavy rotation colors.

Pink back grippan (produced YOSHITAKA NISHIMURA)

Produced by B-Crawl Swimmer and B-Crawl Flapper, the other color of YOSHITAKA NISHIMURA Pro Select is Pink Back Gripin, which is based on the concept that it is easy to control the trace course in water and the range to pull out by making good use of the visibility. .. The pink color is a cloudy light blue from early spring to autumn, and it has an outstanding effect. If you use it in the cloudiness of rice planting in spring, you will be able to experience the meaning that Nishimura Pro selected this color.

As one of your bass fishing drawers, please have a B crawl swimmer & B crawl flapper in the tackle box lineup.

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