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WeightLure Weight(g)LineType
BBXS-C64-SLJ 6’4"(1.93m) 1 147g Max 80g PE MAX #1.5 Spinning
BBXS-S66-SLJ+PS 6’6"(1.98m) 1 156g Max 100g PE MAX #1.5 Spinning



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Ideal form of SLJ rod

The long-awaited SLJ (super light jigging) model has appeared in "BAMBLUZ", which covers offshore jigging games. It is a model that has a wide variety of targets in the range around the coastal areas all over the country, and you can enjoy a wide range of jigging from migratory fish such as yellowtail and Young-yellow tail to grunt, Red sea bream, horse mackerel and Mackerel, as well as rock fish such as pheasant grouper and scorpionfish. You can have it.

Unparalleled exclusive design with EXTRO-S structure

super light jigging (SLJ) sometimes hits fish that greatly exceed the angler's expectations. In order to take advantage of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, rods are required to fuse the two contradictory elements of delicacy and toughness at a high level. In order to realize this ideal, BAMBLUZ EXTRO SLJ was born by JACKALL 's proud EXTRO-S manufacturing method.

Advanced EXTRO structure

In order to reinforce the carbon solid material that is the main shaft, the reinforced solid design "EXTRO-S" is reinforced by wrapping carbon around the necessary parts. by adding reinforcement at each necessary point such as the belly and butt part. It has become possible to make a change in tone. While taking advantage of the delicate and supple characteristics peculiar to solids, it has both the contradictory elements of improving rigidity.

Uses Fuji Kogyo Sic guides

In preparation for a fight with an unexpectedly big game, Fuji Kogyo stainless steel frame Sic-S guides with an emphasis on strength and quality are adopted. Furthermore, double wrapping reduces damage to the blank.

[2022 NEW] BBXS-S66-SLJ+PS

This model comes into play when handling heavy jigs in the 80g class, when exploring deep waters, and when targeting large targets. The strong blank power that the PS (power spec) tells us gives you the advantage of being able to fight with a lot of leeway even with strong pulls such as large blue back fish-runners and Spanish mackerel. wiped out. In addition, it works well in deep areas where the resistance of the jig increases, and when casting a blade-type jig with a strong sense of resistance..


In SLJ, in addition to the vertical invitation for spinning tackle, it is a big advantage to cast and explore a wide range. Its merits by EXTRO process of the blank, which boasts the flexibility and robust restoring force make the most of while suppressing the trouble speedy will continue a well-cast and operation. BBXS-S66-SLJ is one that can handle a wide range of SLJ games against a wide variety of fish species.


Such as explore a little deeper water depth / fast tide / Doterra sink, in the situation to use a little heavier jig, the bottom landing sensitivity and Fall bite takes ease of, also speedy from the goodness of, have lived the advantage of the bait tackle I will. The BBXS-C64-SLJ is a model that emphasizes the hooking up performance by firmly transmitting the operation of the rod to the jig.

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