Deps Plus Fishing Member

Affordable from 22 July 2019 to 16 July 2019
Original sticker Deps, with non-slip surface for surfaces that are in direct contact with water or to decorate your shop. Can also be conveniently attached to the carpet



Boat deck sticker / Deps logo

  • L size: 600 x 163 mm
  • ML size: 550 x 140 mm
  • M size: 500 x 136 mm
  • S size: 350 × 95 mm


Boat deck sticker / Style of Deps

  • L size: 600 × 138 mm
  • M size: 500 × 115 mm
  • S size: 350 × 81 mm
  • Color: Gold / White


Boat deck sticker / Sidewinder

1060 x 140 mm

* That exposed photo is a prototype. Please note that some details may differ from real product. The colors and sharpness of picture may be different depending on the digital resolution of the phone or the computer used by the customer. Please, keep in mind of this particular.

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