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Length : 190.0mm
Weight : 5.7oz.
Type: Floating Lip Model
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BULLDOZE is A-MUST-HAVE floating lip model which has been secretly developed to capture the monster class-A. It can be used both with cranking, dead sticking, or the riser method.

bulldoze deps


Bulldoze Konoshiro

bulldoze konoshiro

Bulldoze Koppagure

bulldoze koppagure




The feather hook cleverly camouflage the hook and looks exactly like a real fin. Not only it can fool the smart-monster bass, it flows naturally with a current. It also helps increasing the catch significantly, since the feather hook is swallowed first when the bass attacks.




Wide-coffin shape, polycarbonate-made lip has an excellent impact resistance and offers a great performance for avoiding the obstacles. It grips the flow of water powerfully and create the strong oscillation wave , maintaining the bait submerged in depth.



The large steel balls, inserted into the rattle chamber positioned in the front body, emits a threaten sound.

fin bustBulldozefin tailBulldozerattleBulldoze


The strong pectoral fins made of PVC remains attached to the body during the swim. While staying in the static position, it overhangs the fin simulating the hovering just like a real Bluegill does. The tail fin is made with the same material and reproduces the real look of Bluegill. The belly fins in the shape of the tail plane on the front hook, not only preventing the hook to tangle, but they play an active role in jerk and twitch action.




The straight retrieve by cranking is able to track a range of 2 to 2.5 meter from the surface. The action of the polycarbonate-made wide lip creates a strong oscillation wave and rattle sound, which are able to increase the appeal even in difficult conditions like muddy water or rough waves. The outstanding performance of avoiding obstacles like logs or weed tops, allure bites allowing the right contact on the structure.




The realistic detailed shape of Bluegill and the natural flow of the feather hook reproduce Bluegill with fluttering fins that hovers on the surface of water in search of bait. Thanks to the realistic floating posture performs an important factor during the dead sticking, alluring the monster which is hidden in the pin-spot. While performing the riser technique, Bulldoze reproduces the perfect movement of Bluegill with head-up slanting position swimming toward the surface of water.


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