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This bait is designed for Okumura's personal use to capture large predators.

bullshooter deps



Bullshooter Konoshiro

bullshooter konoshiro

Bullshooter Koppagure

bullshooter koppagure


bullshooter-fether hook


The feather hooks are camouflaged by the feathers fitted at the height of the fins, tricking the most sly bass, that are able to distinguish the threat posed by a treacherous hook. Thanks to the natural wavy movements that follow the flow of the current, the feather hooks nullify any pecking and approached attacks, considerably increasing hooking percentages


bullshooter-bumper finbullshooter-tail02


During the swim phase the pectoral fins, made in ultra-light extremely elastic PVC material, swing with the same movements of a bluegill. By letting it sink to the bottom and then pulling it up with force, the lure will simulate a bait fish as it feeds. Even the caudal fin is made in ultra-light PVC and reproduces a bluegill fin. The pelvic fins, inserted to balance the empennage of the frontal hook, not only protect the hook itself, stopping it from getting tangled, but also play an active role in jerks and twist actions.


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