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The “GRAND” ability to attract fish as its title


"If I could throw 5 meters furhter to that matt edge."

"I want to continue with the SlitherK's tempo even if its windy."

"I want to lure the fish to surface from a deeper range switching naturally."

- Deps started to develop Grand SlitherK to respond these demands of maniac froggers.

grand-slitherk side back

The enlarged body size raised its gravity and buoyancy.  The hook size is changed to 4/0.  The distinctive quick-dogwalk performance of SlitherK, that drives big bass mad, is kept without compromising.  But its sliding width is the same, the same pushing water stroke as SlitherK, and is completed after repeated balance adjustments of  weight and buoyancy.

The Grand Slitherk is not merely a large SlitherK, but its increased power version.

The Grand Slitherk has a new strong undulation dog-walk with the DNA of SlitherK. The Grand SlitherK arrived to break through the limits of frog games.

grand-slitherk head hook bellyHead mould - 4/0 sized hook – belly / weight


* That exposed photo is a prototype. Please note that some details may differ from real product. The colors and sharpness of picture may be different depending on the digital resolution of the phone or the computer used by the customer. Please, keep in mind of this particular.

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