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51 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 76 PF Points)
Length : 180mm
Weight : 50g
Type : Floating
Ring Size : Line Eye #4 / Front Hook Eye #4 / Rear Hook Eye #3
FieldFresh water
PredatorBlack Bass
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Variants KAREN 180


50,65 €
VAT 22% included


50,65 €
VAT 22% included


50,65 €
VAT 22% included


50,65 €
VAT 22% included


50,65 €
VAT 22% included


50,65 €
VAT 22% included


50,65 €
VAT 22% included
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The next generation of Big Bait has arrived - The true value will evolve -

KAREN180 is a multi-generation big bait that can be used in various ways in all fields, fusing the vibration of hard bait and the naturalness of soft bait in high dimensions. Not only the strategy in the open area, but also the true value around the cover that can not be captured with the big bait so far. The wide square lip demonstrates a high cover avoidance performance while having a moderately good winding feeling. The soft material body on the tail side makes it possible to skip with an overwhelming extension while sloping with a more natural curve than multiple joint baits.

For example, for a bus in an open area with a high alertness, by showing it with a limit fast retrieve, it will mislead the judgment of the bus with speed and naturalness and make it a part-time job. In addition, even for buses that are aiming for prey while lurking in heavy covers and overhangs, the high cover avoidance performance makes it possible to take a forceful approach, pulling them out of the cover and making them eat them predatory. THE DEEP PART-TIME JOB THAT HAS NOT HESIT IS OTHER than RECOGNizing KAREN as A REAL BAIT FISH. KAREN180 HAS FURTHER EVOLVED THE EVOLUTION OF BIG BAIT.

How to use and assumed situations

Water surface dead sticking, i-draw, dead slow retrieve
An effective technique when the awareness of the bus is near the surface layer. The number of part-time jobs at stay while giving off a presence is because it is a soft material body. The soft material body does not move more than necessary, and the thin tail part flutters naturally, and it becomes a bite trigger that upsets the judgment of the bus. KAREN180 with its presence and naturalness is also the best match for slow capture.

Swing, stop & go

The basic action of moving, inviting, stopping and eating is also KAREN180's specialty. The swing of the head in the short twitch directs a dying baitfish. In the short jerk, it directs a baitfish that escapes instantly with a wide wobble, and involuntarily makes the bus work part-time.

Medium retrieve

The defenseless baitfish itself is swimming. While making waves with the wobn roll of the hard material head, the soft material body on the tail side flutters naturally. Because it is a hybrid structure that makes the judgment of the tracking bus ambiguous and brings in to the part-time job.

Fast Retriev

While there are many big baits that can't cope with too fast retrieves and the action collapses, KAREN180 is a special existence. The hard material head demonstrates an outstanding sense of stability with surprisingly no blurring.

Recommended tackle

Rod: 7ft of MH~H power. The front and back bait rods
Line: Fluorocarbon line 14-20lb.
Hook used: Hayabusa Kenclaw (front #1, rear #3)

Precautions for storage of KAREN180

When using it, please refer to the "How to fix the soft material body" described on the package and set it. Please remove the special pin except when using it, separate the head and soft material body, and store it in this special package. There is no problem if it is about 1 day of actual fishing, but if it is closely attached for a long time, chemical cracks (cracks) may occur on the head side. We are doing quality control with great care, but we ask for your understanding in order to avoid risks.

How to replace the spare body

The body joint of KAREN is held firmly by sticking a pin. It's also easy to replace the body.

KAREN's package is set with a rear hook (KENCLAW #3), a spare body, and pins inside the worm body to pass the line connecting the hard body and the rear hook.

F mark engraved at the base of the tail fin showing the eco-tournament compatible model


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