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Megabass OROCHI X10 is the first rod that features a blank made of natural organic fibers of plant origin (ORGANIC FIBER COMPOSITE BLANKS), a step forward towards a sustainable future for sport fishing.
FieldFresh water
PredatorBlack Bass
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ModelLengthActionLure CapacityLine CapacitySectionType
OROCHI X10 | F1.1/2-65XT CLIFFHANGER 6'5" FAST 1/8-3/8oz. 6-12lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F2.1/2st-67XT KIRISAME BAIT FINESSE 6'7" EX. FAST 1/8-1/2oz. 6-12lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F3-610XT RAPID VIPER 6'10" MEDIUM FAST 1/4-5/8oz. 8-18lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F4-68XT JABBERWOCK 6'8" FAST → REGULAR 1/4 - 3/4oz. 8-20lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F4.1/2-611XT SUPER ELSEIL 6'11" MEDIUM FAST → REGULAR 1/4 - 3/4oz. 8-20lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F5-70XT BANDERSNATCH 7'0" MEDIUM FAST → REGULAR 3/8 - 1oz. 10-25lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F5.1/2-69XT BEARING DOWN 6'9" FAST 3/8 - 1.1/2oz. 10-25lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F6.1/2-66XT DESTRUCTION 66 6'6" REGULAR 1/2 - 2.1/2oz. 12-30lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F7-71XT SWAMP SURVISOR 7'1" MEDIUM FAST → REGULAR 1/2 - 3oz. 12-30lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F7-72XT BUSHADDER 7'2" FAST 1/2 - 2.1/2oz. 12-30lb 1 Casting
OROCHI X10 | F9-710XT ANACONDA 7'10" REGULAR 1 - 7oz. 16-40lb 2 Offset handle Casting
OROCHI X10 | SP F0.1/2st-62XTS KIRISAME COMPETITION 6'2" EX.FAST 1/64 - 5/32oz. 2-6lb 1 Sinning
OROCHI X10 | SP F1-610XTS HIBAKARI 6'10" REGULAR 1/16 - 3/8oz. 3-8lb 1 Sinning
OROCHI X10 | SP F2.1/2-68XTS YAMAKAGASHI 6'8" FAST 1/32 - 1/4oz. 3-10lb 1 Sinning
OROCHI X10 | SP F3st-611XTS MEDUSA 6'11" EX.FAST 1/8 - 1/2oz. 4-12lb 1 Sinning
OROCHI X10 | SP F3.1/2-70XTS JADEPYTHON 7'0" MEDIUM FAST 1/8 - 5/8oz. 6-16lb 1 Sinning

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374,15 €
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388,53 €
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383,75 €
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393,34 €
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388,53 €
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378,94 €
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378,94 €
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393,34 €
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In a historical period where sustainability is at the forefront, steps are being taken in the fishing world to research techniques and materials that reduce environmental impact. ITO Engineering and Megabass have begun developing and producing sustainable fishing equipment in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The material created is a composite derived from natural plant-based fibers with a microfiber cellulose skeleton, which has potential uses in the world of racing cars and the aerospace industry, in addition to fishing. The Megabass OROCHI X10 series was created with these goals in mind. The name itself embodies the meaning of the series, with the "X" being the characteristic suffix of the Orochi family, "1" indicating it is the first, and "0" referring to the organic nature of the material. It is the first composite fishing rod made of organic fiber. One of the significant improvements provided by this incredible material is a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of a traditional carbon fiber Megabass rod, eliminating many chemical processes required for its manufacturing.

The use of organic fiber in the blank results in a very lightweight rod, increasing the dampening of oscillations by 30%, allowing for a blank with enhanced rigidity. During the casting phase, the rod quickly returns to its original position, significantly improving performance. These characteristics of responsiveness and quickness are made possible thanks to the incorporation of organic fiber in high-stress areas, starting from the central part of the blank and extending to the initial, final, and especially internal parts of the handle. For the tip section, a special construction method involving the use of carbon from the DESTROYER series has been employed, providing heightened sensitivity.

Attention was also given to fishing comfort, with custom grips designed by YUKI ITO to ensure prolonged use. For the more powerful casting models, the ITO TRIGER SYSTEM ERGONOMIC CASTING SEAT (D.PAT.) is used to provide a secure and comfortable grip, essential for powerful techniques regardless of the grip style. The remaining casting models feature the new ITO ENGINEERING AIRY-FIT ERGONOMIC SEAT (D.PAT.P), with a lightweight design and a split reel seat that exposes the blank, offering a balance between sensitivity and comfort. The spinning models feature the ITO ERGONOMIC-CONTACT SEAT, providing excellent palmability for comfort during continuous movements associated with spinning fishing, while enhancing sensitivity through direct contact with the exposed blank.

Additional features include a machine-cut aluminum reel locking screw for lightweight and robustness, Fuji stainless steel and SiC-S guides, and unique class-enhancing thread wraps using four different threads.

The series consists of 16 models (11 casting, 5 spinning) that cover a wide range of applications for both competitive and recreational anglers.


F1.1/2-65XT (CLIFFHANGER): a bait finesse model compatible with small hardbait like crankbaits and shads, as well as neko rigs or small rubber jigs.

F2.1/2st-67XT (KIRISAME Bait Finesse): a bait finesse model with a solid tip, providing a reserve of power for situations that require more force.

F3-610XT (RAPID VIPER): excellent for handling medium/small hardbaits like small crankbaits, and can also be used with light texas rigs.

F4-68XT (JABBERWOCK): a highly versatile rod capable of handling medium-sized lures such as crankbaits, lipless baits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and topwater lures, thanks to the rod's dual action. It behaves as a fast action when lightly loaded and transitions to a regular action once the fish is hooked.

F4.1/2-611XT (SUPER ELSEIL): compatible with all "fast moving" baits, softbaits with high specific weight, light rigs (texas, free rig, etc.), 1/4 - 3/8oz football jigs and metal vibes. The action transitions from medium-fast to regular.

F5-70XT (BANDERSNATCH): a versatile rod for power fishing with medium-heavy lures like deep crankbaits, swimbaits, heavy spinnerbaits for slow rolling, texas rigs, and jigs up to 3/8oz.

F5.1/2-69XT (BEARING DOWN): a very powerful rod for its weight, yet with excellent sensitivity, dedicated to texas, jig, and football jig setups.

F6.1/2-66XT (DESTRUCTION 66): a highly maneuverable rod equipped with double bridge guides, optimized for handling big baits like I-SLIDE 187R, large spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and also suitable for frog fishing.

F7-71XT (SWAMP SURVIVOR): also equipped with double bridge guides, designed for fishing in dense vegetation cover with texas rigs, jigs, and frogs, while being versatile enough for use with big baits in open water.

F7-72XT (BUSHADDER): developed by Megabass of America tournament team, this rod is designed for use with jigs and texas rigs in the most intricate cover. It possesses significant power for extracting fish while also offering excellent sensitivity to detect the bottom structure and subtle bites.

F9-710XT(ANACONDA): the most powerful rod in the series, compatible with all heavy-duty applications, from punching and frogging in dense cover to using big baits.


F0.1/2st-62XTS (KIRISAME COMPETITION): a rod for extreme finesse, equipped with a solid tip that contrasts with a powerful backbone. Perfect for no-sinker softbaits and light rigs like the neko rig and downshot.

F1-610XTS (HIBAKARI): a highly versatile model designed for long-distance casts using various light rigs and finesse hardbaits like small crankbaits, shads, and jerkbaits.

F2.1/2-68XTS (YAMAKAGASHI): more powerful than its specifications suggest, compatible with no-sinker, jighead, downshot, shads, and small topwater lures.

F3st-611XTS (MEDUSA): a power finesse model with a solid tip for approaching cover such as grass beds with light rigs like the downshot, light Carolina rig, and no-sinker with softbaits with high specific gravity.

F3.1/2-70XTS (JADEPYTHON): a power finesse rod for fishing cover using small rubber jigs and braided line, or alternatively jerkbaits, shads, or small vibes in windy conditions for long-distance casts.

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