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WeightLure Weight(g)LinePower
SC-S70L 7’0"(2.13m) 2 115g 10-45g PE MAX #2 Light
SC-S73ML 7’3"(2.21m) 2 192g 15-50g PE MAX #3 Medium Light
SC-S78M 7’8"(2.33m) 2 228g 20-50g PE MAX #3 Medium

Variants SCRUNBA


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Spanish mackerel casting dedicated series

Power that was not found in conventional boat SEABASS rods and good casting feel when using a thick leader. And light action (usability) that could not be put out in the casting rod of blue back fish. This is a dedicated series that was created by focusing on Spanish mackerel as a target.

3 specifications that can be selected according to the situation

A lineup of the first 3 models that are easy to match with the target Spanish mackerel size and situation. In particular, the SC-70L, which was tested mainly in Tokyo Bay, and the SC-73ML and 78M, which were mainly tested in Suruga Bay, are unique designs that change the taste according to the sea area.

Compatible with JACKALL 's Spanish mackerel casting lures in general

Excellent compatibility with lures that support Spanish mackerel casting, such as the BIG BACKER Anchopedo series, Fall Trick series, and BAMBLUZ bite Beans. A rod action that maximizes lure performance.

Fuji stainless steel frame + all SiC guide installed

Uses SiC-S/stainless steel frame guides made by Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd., which emphasizes strength and quality.

Double lock system

Uses a double lock system that reduces unintentional loosening of the reel seat when casting or fighting a big game (SC-S73ML, SC-S78M only).

Center cut 2 piece

Center-cut 2-piece specification that is convenient for traveling by compact car or train (SC-70L only)


A technical model that makes a valuable one.

Supervised by SUSUMU YOSHIOKA. A model with a delicate tip that makes it a valuable one in Tokyo Bay, a fiercely contested area, and a belly that follows the pull of the fish and bends obediently to reduce breakage. With a 7ft design that is easy to handle even in small boats, you can accurately aim at pinpoints even with short casts using your wrist.


Suruga Bay standard that combines flexible tip with butt power

Suruga Bay standard model supervised by DAIGO SUGIYAMA. It has a flexible tip that allows the hook to be firmly placed on the mouth of a soft Spanish mackerel, and has the power to handle unexpectedly large fish, while also usability such as jerk. Length setting that can be used for undercast even from the torso.


For anglers aiming for extra-large size

Directed by DAIGO SUGIYAMA. Recommended for anglers who want to aim for a dream 10kg, oversized Spanish Spanish mackerel, or when casting overhand from Miyoshi. It is characterized by the power of the bat berry that is useful when you want to bring the fish to you with good reversal when you are speedy one fish after another. Similar to the 73ML, the flexible tip makes it difficult to repel a bite and is designed to be easy to handle even a 50g class diving pencil.

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