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For Sidewinder rods’ lovers we have developed “Sidewinder Landing Net”, with the same sketch design, cork grip end and logo as Sidewinder. It will be produced in two versions: Boat Fisher Model and Bank Fisher Model with extendable handle up to 2750 mm. Both models come with a Folding Adapter for maneuverability.
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The Bank Fisher Model

bank fisher model sidewinder landing net parts

The product size is compact to guarantee comfortable fishing. If you stretch the handle of 2750 mm, you can catch the fish from above or beyond the vegetation.

The landing net size is 400 mm, for the highest maneuverability.

Net Frame Size: H400xW330xD420 mm | Shaft Closed Length: 485 mm, Shaft Joint: 6 joint | Total Length: 2750 mm (with Folding Adapter: 530 mm) | Weight: 600 g

Folding Adapter and Handle Explanation

folding adapter sidewinder landing net

Using Folding Adapter you can fold the landing net. The Boat Fisher Model handle is Rubber Painting Grip. Bank Fisher model is EVA. Sidewinder Landing Net has a Rubber Coated Net.

folding adapter sidewinder landing net handle

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