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Yamame, Amago, Iwana ... Trout fishing that catches your heart when you catch a beautifully colored fish in the wilderness. The versatile "Sidewinder TMS-622UL Trout Model", which is perfect for beginners who want to start trout fishing and trout fans who want to enjoy it all day with a single rod, is now available for sale. 6.2 feet long for beginners in area fishing and various rivers. It is designed for all rounds from lightweight spoons to minnows and cranks, and you can fully enjoy trout fishing with a wide range of lure rotation. In addition, the reel seat with wood grain print and the cork grip that fits comfortably in your hand are simple yet luxurious, and enhance the satisfaction of owning.

Sidewinder TMS-622UL Trout model ■ SPINNING model ■ Length: 6'2'' 2piece ■ Lure Weight: 0.5-6g ■ Line: 2-5lb ■ Action: Ultra Light Regular Taper ■ Grip Length: 227mm ■ Closed size: 992mm

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