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38 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 57 PF Points)
Length : 90mm
Weight : 11.1g
Type: FLOATING model
Hook : ST36MF#6 (belly)
Hook : ST36MF#10 (rear)
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38,25 €
VAT 22% included
Out of stock


38,25 €
VAT 22% included
Out of stock


Japanese bait fish

SLEEK MIKEY for various baitfish sizes in Japan. With the introduction of the 160 mm size, which is a new addition to the current 90 mm and 115 mm sizes, we will also cover large bait fish patterns.

MIKEY specializing trigger bite ability

SLEEK MIKEY is designed and developed with the concept of "tight action / medium wave motion does not give excessive pressure". It is a type that specializes in trigger bite ability that induces bite even in open water and clear water.

Produce a realistic fish

In order to produce a realistic luster of fish, the abdomen is dug inward to emphasize the transparency and depth of the body, giving it a more three-dimensional finish. In addition, the feather at the rear end of the body expresses a natural swim like a real bait.

Custom model for Alabama rig

SLEEK MIKEY 90 and SLEEK MIKEY 115 are now available in Alabama custom.
Anyone can easily set up "Sleek Alabama", which is active in the tournament scene where intense pressure is applied to fish.

Feather tail

Feather (bird feather) parts are used at the rear of the tail. Slow retrieve has a slow fluctuation, while fast retrieve has the effect of suppressing the flutter of the action.

Inscribed body

By engraving inside the body, the translucency and depth of the abdomen are emphasized, resulting in a more three-dimensional finish.

Size comparison

In addition to the existing 115 and 90, a large size 160 will be added in 2022, and it will be available in 3 sizes.

[2022 NEW] Sleep Mikey 160 / SLEEK MIKEY 160

Large size of the SLEEK MIKEY series. With a body with a total length of 160 mm and a weight of 48 g, it is a perfect match for bait casting rods with MH to H power. It is effective even in fields with high pressure due to its tight action.


The size setting with a total length of 115 mm and a weight of 19 g can be used with medium power tackles, and it is attractive for shore fishing and small boat bass fishing where the tackle you can carry is limited.


It can be used with a medium light power tackle with a size setting of 90 mm in total length and 10.4 g in its own weight. It is highly versatile and can be used with both bait casting and spinning tackles. Also, in tournaments, we have a track record with Blade Alabama.

ALABAMACUSTOM / Alabama custom specification①
Custom wire specification + silicone tube

The Alabama Custom is equipped with a special wire that prevents the rig from getting entangled. Trouble can be further reduced by attaching a silicon tube.

ALABAMACUSTOM / Alabama Custom Specification②
Feather + assist hook

A hook is added to the rear eye to bring in the hooking up bite that is unique to Alabama rigs.

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