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The 2019 Plus Fishing Member subscription (or renewal from 2018) starts from 15 February and ends at 23:59 UTC+1, 31 March. The membership fee is 35 € + the cost of shipping, which depends on the destination country.

How does Plus Fishing Member work?


DLC 104 is the 2019 Plus Fishing Membership enrollment gift!

This floating-type big vibration plug "DLC 104" is not merely a vibration plug that floats. Its characteristic is shimmy rise flickering action maintaining the horizontal posture. Invites bite with its method - diving with horizontal posture or repeat rising by contacting weed tops.

Naturally its original retrieve action supports from dead throw to fast retrieve. This floating vibration handles under 1.5m, stop and bite especially because it's a floating type.

Body & Form

The body shape is specialized in shimmy rise action. The water receiving shaped head and the positioning of the moving weight change its posture towards forward bending to retrieve. Low water resistance body silhouette. Long shot possible for its oversized body more than 1oz and more than 100 mm. Also its Φ6mm rattle makes a rambling threat noise that leads to bite.

side dlc104
body dlc104
scale dlc104
hook dlc104

Scales pattern

The dimpled scale pattern provides rectification effect by waterflow resistance and enhances stable actions by suppressing wobbles.


Copes from dead throw to fast retrieve. The 100mm+ big size pushes the water to appeal tremendously. Stop retrieve after contacting weed tops or structures to make it float with flickering shimmy rise action. The buoyancy avoids snag with high possibility, aiming to work with tighter structure. The dive from defenselessly floating dead sticking attracts bass with its bite-like sweet sound and splash.

Suggested hook size #1. If you change on of or both front and back hooks, the balance collapse and will not change posture.

action dlc104

Also this year we will sell products exclusively reserved for Plus Fishing 2019 members. We will update members regarding reserved sales through our blog, social accounts and newsletters. For more information visit the pages of previous editions.

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Subscribing Plus Fishing Membership is an additional advantage: the acquisition becomes 1.5 points instead of 1. This enables the Plus Fishing Members to accumulate points more quickly by ordering the products from our online shop. For further information, please see Plus Fishing Point Program.

The images may differ from actual colours depending on the digital resolution of your pc or mobile. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The lure will be your privilege when you enroll our web membership. The delivery will be after starting this program (approximately from 2019.05.15), therefore we ask your patience until then.

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