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Affordable from 01 February 2020 to 29 February 2020
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The membership fee is 35 € + the cost of shipping, which depends on the destination country.

Discover below the advantages for those who become a Plus-Fishing member:

How does Plus Fishing Member work?

1. New KAKURU - Exclusive gift lure for 2020 Plus Fishing Membership

Shipping to members is scheduled for approximately 2020.05.15

New Kakuru

  • Type:SURFACE
  • Length:80mm body
  • Weight:1oz class

15 years after the birth of the Kakuru in 2005, now we are ready to launch the New Kakuru by changing the material in ABS as a 2020 membership reward.

By using ABS we have improved the movement and the micro undulations during the recovery, making it much more attractive than the previous one. The body is 10mm longer, which resolved the two anchors (size #2 now) from entangling.

We also added the spring weight system that is integrated near the head of Kakuru, thanks to the new material. With fast recoveries the weight creates powerful and attractive vibrations.

The wings immediately begin their action as soon as they touch the water. By changing their angle you can vary its action as you like


New Kakuru Body & Hook

New Kakuru Bottom

New Kakuru Hook





2. Exclusive products

Also this year we will sell products exclusively reserved for Plus Fishing 2020 members. We will update members regarding reserved sales through our blog, social accounts and newsletters.

2020 Member Products

3. Becoming a Member is convenient; you will gain more points !!

Subscribing Plus Fishing Membership is an additional advantage: the acquisition becomes 1.5 points instead of 1. This enables the Plus Fishing Members to accumulate points more quickly by ordering the products from our online shop. For further information, please see Plus Fishing Point Program.

The images may differ from actual colours depending on the digital resolution of your pc or mobile. Thank you in advance for your understanding. The lure will be your privilege when you enroll our web membership. The delivery will be after starting this program (approximately mid-May), therefore we ask your patience until then.

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