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FieldFresh water
TecnichArea Trout
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NameLength (ft/m)PCSWeightPOWERLure Weight (g)Line (lb.)
TCA-S60UL-E 6'0"(1.83m) 2 63.5g Ultra Light Ester 0.4-2.0g Ester MAX #0.4
TCA-S62M-ST 6'2"(1.88m) 2 69g Medium Solid Tip 1.0-5.0g PE MAX #0.6
TCA-S61L+E 6'1"(1.85m) 2 66g Light Plus 0.4-3.5g Ester MAX #0.4
TCA-S55LML-ST 5'5" 2 59.5g Light/Medium Light Solid Tip 0.4-2.0g Ester MAX #0.4
TCA-S60UL 6'0" 2 60.2g Ultra Light 0.4-2.0g 1-3lb



727,93 €
VAT 22% included


741,67 €
VAT 22% included


727,93 €
VAT 22% included


727,93 €
VAT 22% included


727,93 €
VAT 22% included


To anglers who change the times

Inevitable full model change

Seeking the cutting edge of the times, T-CONNECTION has undergone a full model change to embody the current area trout fishing. We have eliminated all waste and reviewed the performance required of rods from scratch to create a lineup that allows you to choose a rod that matches the field conditions, line characteristics, and fishing style.

Familiar with the field and luresDeveloped by staff

TIMON's field staff with a wealth of experience and knowledge are involved in development with the aim of creating a one-of-a-kind rod. Of course, matching with TIMON lures matches fields all over the country. It is a rod series that can be created only by a team that is familiar with fishing spots nationwide and familiar with lures.

Focused on sensitivity and weight reductionHigh balance design

Carbon materials, guide settings, grip design, and other details have been thoroughly reviewed to reduce weight by up to about 15% from the previous model. The lightness creates sharp usability and sensitivity, and eliminates angler stress by clearly transmitting low-activity bite that were unclear until now. Please experience the high sensitivity as if you could see through the water.

Grip shape to suit your style

The S61L+E, which expresses the style of actively hanging, adopts a thick fore grip to make it easy to grip and use. For models that emphasize usability, the tapered grip shape makes it more specialized for situations and styles.

Guide shy

Part of the color of the guide shy has been changed for each model so that the tackle can be changed instantly according to the situation, eliminating stress when changing tackles.

Maple wood reel seat

The custom-made reel seat, which is made by carving out valuable natural maple knobs as a raw material, has a complex wood grain pattern that does not exist in the same world as two and fills the sense of ownership.

5A cork

All grips are made of 5A cork, the highest grade in circulation, with a focus on familiarity and touch.

Fuji Titanium Frame Guide with excellent weight reduction and functionality

Uses Fuji Kogyo's titanium frame/torzite ring guide, which is lightweight and excellent in slipping.


next generation esterrod : The ester line has become indispensable for area trout in recent years. The characteristics of this rod are the flexible tip that perfectly follows the disadvantage of repelling the bite and the belly that obediently follows the pull of the fish.
It is a rod for exclusive use of the next-generation ester line that has both clear sensitivity as if you can see through the water and suppleness to prevent unexpected line breaks.


Unique usability : Farther than anyone, farther offshore than anyone else. A model that focuses on long cast using PE-line and operation of lure at long distance. The supple and ultra-fine solid tip leaves the hook in the mouth without flipping the bite, and the powerful bat berry penetrates. It is far from popular and versatile, and is a unique taper action that was created in search of a penetrating and specialized performance.


Supreme Adaptability : In order to win in the fierce battles of tournaments, it is necessary to have the adaptability to instantly read and adjust the ever-changing situation.
While supporting a wide range of lures from the microspoon on the surface to the bottom, it has the power to actively hang by eliminating the unnecessary sluggishness of the bat and belly. It is a high-balance neo-versatile model that can be used in combination with the ester line to provide responsiveness to all situations and lures.

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