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1556 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 2334 PF Points)
Length:7’7”/Lure:80-2300g/PE Line:No Limit

Recommended Reel Size:SW18000~30000

200kg+ Tuna

FieldSalt water
TecnichTuna Fishing
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TC77-TUNA - Monster Buster 7'7" 80~230g 100~180 No Limit




1556,29 €
VAT 22% included
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TC77 TUNA - Monster Buster - Limited Edition

MONSTER BLANK Development Story

After years of trial and error, Monster Blank was finally completed.
This short movie takes you behind the scenes of its development.

[ Rod Description ] Makoto Kinoshita

“It takes on opponents that cannot be fought unless everything is the strongest.”
A commentary movie by Makoto Kinoshita, explaining the rod details.

[ Rod description ] Katsuki Yamamoto

“We have repeatedly tested this rod to achieve one goal, catching tunas over 200 kg.”
A commentary movie by Katsuki Yamamoto, explaining the rod details.

Creating a True Monster Blank

 The key feature we prioritized in developing this rod was its ability to lift a 200kg fish while being bent at a deep angle.
If the rod blank is overly rigid, it becomes too challenging for anglers to endure the fierce struggle of a monster.
Additionally, such a stiff rod blank wouldn't allow casting a 100g lure.
On the other hand, a rod blank that's too flexible wouldn't just fail to lift a 200kg monster but would also easily break under the heavy load.

How do we resolve these conflicting requirements?
How could we design a rod capable of casting a 100g lure far and still enable an average-sized angler to battle a 200kg monster tuna?
This was the greatest challenge of Project Monster Buster.
Our journey towards creating the perfect rod blank involved relentless cycles of design, bench testing, and field testing, and was finally completed after four seasons starting in 2019.
The result is the innovative rod blank that is the backbone of the Tobizo TC77 TUNA - Monster Buster.

What is DBL Structure (Deep Bias Layered Construction) - PAT.P

The process of making rod blanks involves various factors such as the carbon material's elasticity, thickness, amount of resin, fiber angle, and taper design of the mandrel (mold). The possibilities for making rod blanks are endless.
Among this infinite array of combinations, we search for the optimal material and layer it deeply, finding the perfect orientation of fibers, and stacking them.
Our chosen method of designing the rod blank is a world apart from rods designed for finesse and lightness. It's akin to crafting the physique of a well-trained heavyweight athlete.
This manufacturing process allowed us to precisely design the necessary torque and power, fulfilling the requirements for recoil, durability, and flexibility needed for our monster blank.
In developing the Monster Rod, not only was high-level rod making technology crucial, but also the patience to find the optimal combination among an infinite array of complex carbon materials.

An Incredible 40-Minute Battle

In just 40 minutes, a lone angler managed to reel in a 213kg monster tuna.
This remarkable achievement highlighted the exceptional performance of our monster blank, crafted for the challenging task of bending under huge pressure and lifting such massive monster tuna.



Thanks to the DBL Structure, this rod blank boasts impressive heavy load durability, able to withstand the maximum drag from a large reel even at a steep angle of 65 degrees. Its core flexibility allows the rod to be bent effectively with realistic human strength, generating repulsive power as it bends. Even in a fight with monster tunas, the rod blank remains robust, assisting anglers by lifting while enduring the strain.
Its length of 7’7’’ optimizes casting performance, lure control, and performance when facing the heaviest fight.
This flexible rod blank can elegantly handle lightweight lures, accurately casting them to the desired spot.
It offers a significant advantage in tuna casting game.
To take on monster tunas that exceed human limits, the rod blank must be absolutely trustworthy.

Guide Setting

We've configured our guides for use with ultra-large tackle such as reels over size 20000 and PE lines with a PE rating of 12.
Moreover, the Assist Guide significantly reduces line tangling at the tip, eliminating line troubles and enabling smooth line release and stable long-distance casting.
This ensures you don't miss the big chance.

Hexagon Rubber Grip (PAT.P)

For big game reliability, we've developed an entirely new heavy-fighting grip incorporating rubber material in our trusted Hexagon Grip. (PAT.P)
It performs the greatest slip resistance ever.
The molded surface pattern of Japanese-style tortoiseshell enhances grip strength and minimizes fatigue in a big fight.
This ultimate grip from ZENAQ is indispensable for prolonged power fights against monster tunas.

Metal Reel Seat

The amount of stress put on the reel seat when going head-to-head with a monster catch exceeding 200kg is enormous.
This robust metal reel seat is designed with the utmost priority on absolute capture, allowing you to concentrate all your nerves on the fight.

Metal Gimbal + Rubber End

For the rod grip end, we've adopted a combination of a metal gimbal and a rubber end.
If facing a monster without a gimbal is your style, use the rubber end.
Remove the rubber end to use for the gimbal fight.
Our design provides two grip ends for the best fighting style.

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