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30 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 46 PF Points)
Tricoroll GT 88DR-F
Length : 88mm
Weight : 13.0g
Type: FLOATING model
Hook Size : Short shank RB-M #6
Ring Size : #3
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30,37 €
VAT 22% included


30,37 €
VAT 22% included


Just size and outstanding long-distance casting performance.

From mountain stream to main stream

3 sizes of 56mm, 72mm and 88mm. In addition to SR and MD, 72mm and 88m add DR to capture a far and deep range, making it a lineup that can capture any field. A wide range of fish species are targeted, including yamame trout, char, and cherry salmon.

Low center of gravity design for stability

A custom-made fixed weight with a low center of gravity ensures flight attitude and swimming stabili ty. Furthermore, after landing, the steel ball is held by a magnet. It is now possible to pour without hesitation even in the rough seas.

Equipped with center of gravity movement (GT) system

Adopted "Gravity Transfer System". At the time of casting, the magnetically attached steel ball is instantly released and moves to the rear end of the body, achieving outstanding flight distance even though it is a floating minnow. Furthermore, by adopting a tungsten material for the DR model, it contributes to the flight distance UP. It is now possible to trace the deep range longer.

Big action that is firm even in deep water

Immediately after landing, it bites well and reaches the maximum depth quickly, and it appeals firmly steady reeling in deep water. It is possible to approach the target fish by reacting quickly to the action of the angler such as twitching and jerk.

Lineup of staff carefully selected local colors

In response to the hot requests of each staff, we have a lineup of carefully selected colors in the color chart that are close to each region. If you get lost in choosing a color, you can definitely choose a carefully selected color from each region.

3 size lineup

We have a lineup of 3 sizes of 56 mm, 72 mm, and 88 mm, which can be used according to the target and field.

SR and MD according to the diving depth and further to DEEP

Shallow Runner SR and Medium Diver MD. Deep Runner DR is added. It is possible to capture a wider range. 56SR: around 30cm, 56MD: around 50cm, 72SR: around 50cm, 72MD: around 90cm, 72DR: around 150cm, 88SR: around 60cm, 88MD: around 140cm, 88DR: around 200cm

Abundant color lineup

In addition to the standard sweetfish and yamame trout, we also have charts for cloudy areas and colors using pink. In addition, there are various base colors such as hologram, young-trevally tone, pearl, and ghost, and it corresponds to all field conditions.

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