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FieldFresh water
PredatorBlack Bass
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ModelLengthGrip LengthWeightPieceOptimum Lure WtType
UEB70 YUGEKI 7'0"(1557mm) 468 mm Own weight: Approximately 178g 1 ~100g Casting



1089,00 €
VAT 22% included


For those who have a strong will to open up.Yugo Yamada continues his activities based on Mother Lake and the North Lake of Lake Biwa.

Even now, what he continues to pursue is a penetrating area that ordinary people can't think of.
It is a path without guidelines that can only be opened up by oneself.

You can't get there just by spending time without thinking about anything in the dark. I always think and be conscious of tremendous time and effort, and I spend more than 300 days a year without knowing whether I will be rewarded or not.

The days spent for many years are not in vain, and a wide range of techniques and knowledge are cultivated, from amazing fishing of giant baits and big baits to super finesse fishing.

Before I knew it, the nickname "Iron Man of the North" was.
It is the birth of a monster bus contractor that everyone recognizes.

A rod brand produced by Yugo Yamada.
Everyone can handle it, but there may be only a few that can understand its essence and expose it.
Believe in it as a tool as a partner, and let those who hold it dive into that area with peace of mind.


A rod that has the meaning of unexplored or unexplored.
Only those who have stepped into that area will be able to touch a glimpse of the area that Yugo Yamada continues to seek.

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