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FieldEau douce
TechniquePêche du Black Bass, Pêche du brochet
CarnassiersBlack Bass, Brochet, Perche, Sandre
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ModelLengthWeightLure WeightLine CapacityPieceTypeOtherAction
TS72X POKER 7'2" 186g 1/2 - 3oz 12 - 30lb 1 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Fast
TS77X CASINO 7'7" 216g 2 - 6oz 16 - 30lb 2 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Medium Fast
TS78X BACCARAT 7'8" 251g 4 - 10oz 20 - 40lb 2 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Medium Fast
TS711X Black Jack 7'11" 229g 1/2 - 4oz 16 - 30lb 1 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Regular
TS78X+ KING OF BACCARAT 7'8" 274g 3 - 15oz 16 - 40lb 2 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Medium Fast
TS79X HUNTING WEAPON 209 7'9" 303g 4 - 20oz 20 - 40lb 2 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Regular
TS82X TENCHIJIN 8'2" 362g 6 - 25oz 25 - 45lb 2 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Regular
TS72XS 775 7'2" 156g 3/8-1.1/4oz 12 - 30lb 1 Casting Closed Length : 195cm Medium Fast

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TS72XS 775

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Description du produit

Main Specification

Rod TS78X made only for anglers who keep chasing their dreams and for fishing world records.
The 2016 new model TS77X is mildly designed than TS78X, and it corresponds in hign dimention not only to giant bait but also to lures exceeding 1 oz, such as super deep crank, magnum spoon, etc.
Naturally the guide system features an all double foot, fully reinforced by double wrapping.
A tough specification assuming deadly fight with Nanamaru class monsters.


Built to target the deep zones of big lakes, TS72X POKER big game rod was developed to deploy big jigs with precision, power, and unmatched feel. The TS series utilizes a powerful multi-axis blank for devastating lifting power. Improved rod balance allows anglers to control jigs with precision and minimal fatigue throughout the day.

main 001 destroyer t.s ts72x

 LENGTH : 7'2'' | WEIGHT : 186g | LURE WEIGHT : 1/2-3oz | LINE : 12-30LB | ACTION: FAST


Anglers in pursuit of the catch of a lifetime demand equipment that performs at the highest-level day in and day out, allowing anglers to maximize slim bite windows and scarce opportunities to land those record-class fish. Megabass gladly accepted this challenge, developing a rod built purely for the baits, techniques, control, and power to land the next world record.
For the TS78X, we started from scratch, discarding the design and production concepts behind past bass rods. For the material, we utilized the DNA-SLX graphite system developed for battling tuna, yielding a high-torque blank that is the embodiment of sheer power. This blank can fully cast 200g+ big baits, combined with the lifting-power to pull 20+ pound trophies from the depths.
Featuring double-footed guides, each foot is carefully double-wrapped, improving durability, and protecting the blank from any possible damage the metal could exact under extra-heavy load.
The TS78X has a special hood that locks the reel in place, securing another key component that will determine the outcome of the fight. The taper action is fast. Despite being such a powerful rod, it is equipped with a surprisingly sensitive tip, allowing for a wider-range of rod work to impart action to giant baits.
Taking bank anglers and storage during transport into consideration, the TS-78X is built with a heavy-duty grip-joint. This allows the rod to be taken apart for trips, without sacrificing any strength or durability.

ts78x main1

 LENGTH : 7'8'' | LURE WEIGHT : 4-10oz | LINE : 20-40LB | ACTION: MEDIUM FAST


ts77x main01

 LENGTH : 7'7'' | LURE WEIGHT : 2-6oz | LINE : 16-30LB


New development DNA-SLX (squared layered cross) graphite system. Densely layered a single-fibered ultralight micro carbon fiber in a precise square shape. Realized tension and high crushing strength.
Features also "High elongation" characteristics that brings torque producing overwhelming lifting power. Moreover, the DNA carbon assist that tightens up the SNX tubular with a double spiral structure, demonstrates a strong torsional rigidity. This is a Megabass original new generation shaft construction to landing big fish in saltwater.


The TS711 BLACK JACK was developed specifically for deep-zone approaches requiring super long casts. Overwhelming blank power allows for bombing casts of 2+oz. lure, maximizing angler effort to increase distances without extra energy. Designed for a variety of applications, ranging from magnum-sized Crankbaits, heavy Spinnerbaits like the Venom, large Swimbaits and umbrella rigs. Fully armed with double-footed guides, carefully fixed along the blank with double thread wrapping for durability. Long grip length for all-day heavyweight retrieval. Built for mortal combat with monster bass.


While using 20-30 cm long and heavy big bait to target deep zones, the ability of the TS78X+ to instantaneously lift hooked monsters to the surface is breathtaking. It is highly suited for large cranks and heavyweight Alabama rigs. 


This super strong shaft is a step above the TS78X+, and is capable of fully casting super heavyweight lures. It easily accommodates 30-35 cm class big bait, swimbait, and magnum-sized spoons. The overwhelming torsional rigidity and load bearing strength of the DNA graphite will never give in to the monstrous foes you encounter.


The “Man of the Heavens” was born with the sole purpose of targeting world records.
This ultra-strong shaft can fully cast giant, 40 cm+ bait. The tip section features exquisite tension derived through extensive field testing. It stands up superbly to pulling resistance, and allows for the user to freely control giant bait. The destructive torque of the TS82X lets you instantly pierce the jaws of monster fish with thick hooks and bring them under your control with overwhelming power.

TS72XS | 775

This high-powered long shaft spinning rod is not only great for deep fishing with 1oz+ down-shot rigs (a.k.a. drop-shot), but also works well when coupled with large spinning reels to cover a wide area quickly with deep cranking. The top of the rear grip features a flat-cut arm hold, letting you cope with the sudden, unexpected movements of big bass.

ts78x p01


ts78x p02


ts78x p03

Grip Joint System

ts78x p04


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