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You’ve enjoyed non-bass fishing with Egging model in 2015 and 2018, Aging models in 2017; now arriving in 2019 a new fishing style model – Shore Jigging. We release a Light Shore Jigging rod easy for beginners to start with.
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Blue-backed fish such as young yellowtails and Spanish mackerels, rockfish such as marbled rockfish and grouper, flatfish such as halibut and flathead, etc.; many anglers enjoy shore jigging game with a wide variety of target.

sidewinder shore jigging model 2piece

sidewinder shore jigging model 2piece02

Full length 9 feet. 355mm grip (583mm from fore to grip end). Easy to use from cast to action also for beginners. If you hold your 100 mm fore grip, you can easily attract big games.

MNA top guide for less line entanglement, NOG-MNOG stainless frame, high sliding performance, high degree hardness difficult to damage, improved hard ring with higher performance, reduce stressful line-related troubles.

sidewinder shore jigging model guide

sidewinder shore jigging model gripend

Sidewinder LS JMS-902ML Light Shore Jigging Model

SPINNING model | Length: 9'0" 2 piece | Lure Weight: 10~40g | Line: 8~20lb | PE LINE: 0.6~1.5 | Action: Medium light | Grip Length: 583mm | Dimensions: 1414 mm

Please kindly note that this product will not be covered by warranty. t is possible to repair the guide. For repair cost (exclude shipping fee), please kindly contact us, for it depends on the condition of each case. We accept repair request until December, 2020.

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