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54,00 €
TVA 22% incluse


54,00 €
TVA 22% incluse


54,00 €
TVA 22% incluse


54,00 €
TVA 22% incluse


54,00 €
TVA 22% incluse

Description du produit

It can handle a variety of fishing trips. Three-finger gloves with excellent grip on the palm of your hand.

 Versatile Gloves Three Finger is a versatile three-finger glove that can handle a wide range of genres of fishing.

The index finger, middle finger, and thumb, which are often used during casting and rolling, are cut and can be directly touched on the handle and rod of the line and reel. The palm of the hand from the back of the hand is firmly guarded from the cold, but it is not easy to interfere with the movement of fishing even in delicate winter fishing.

The back of the hand is made of windproof and water-repellent 3-layer soft shell material. The brushed material is used on the inside, and it feels great on the skin. The side of the index finger and the little finger are "Torino Cool" which combines excellent water absorption, quick-drying and stretchability, so it dries quickly and hard to get sticky when you sweat, and it stretches and contracts according to the movement of your fingers, so you can concentrate on fishing comfortably. It is.

The palm side is made of a honeycomb structure with high grip.

It is possible to remove the gloves smoothly by cutting your finger on the inside of your middle finger.

Back of the hand: 100% polyester

Palm part: Synthetic leather

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