Plus Fishing Cup 2022

On 23/04/2022 Ascensus Propaganda International S.r.l. organizes a promotional event called “Plus Fishing Cup 2022”, open to all collaborators and sport fishing enthusiasts.

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Participation in the event is subject to the presentation of a specific request for accreditation, with payment of a fee of €60, which will include sport fishing activities organized by Ascensus Propaganda International S.r.l. as well as the purchase of a PF airtight bag.

All the activities are better described in the event programme.

Considering the characteristics of the viral agent SARS - CoV - 2, the mode of transmission and the symptoms detected and following an assessment of the risk to which an athlete undergoes surface fishing agonistic sporting activity, Ascensus Propaganda International S.r.l. has identified prevention and protection measures aimed at fighting the risk itself during the sport competition.

Plus Fishing Cup 2022 map