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PowerWeightLure Weight(g)LineType
BXS-C511UL 5’11"(1.80m) 2 ULTRA LIGHT 121g MAX 160g PE 0.6-1.0 Spinning
BXS-S57SUL 5’7"(1.70m) 2 SUPER ULTRA LIGHT 100g CAST MAX 60g PE 0.6-1.0 Spinning



453,56 €
ÁFA 22% tartalmazza


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EXTRO structure that produces a supple and tough blank

EXTRO structure in which a carbon sheet is retrieving a carbon solid blank and integrally molded. While taking advantage of the suppleness peculiar to solid blanks, it has both the contradictory elements of improving rigidity.
Even if a fish hits it, it has a supple tip that allows you to follow it without any discomfort, and a strong lifting power that allows you to fight unexpected big fish with plenty of room, and it has been embodied as a rod that can surely catch a precious one.

Embody the ideal action

One of the features of the EXTRO structure is that it is possible to change the condition of the rod very finely by changing the type and pattern of the carbon sheet. This allowed us to do the best job for each section of the blanks and create a very ideal action.

Original multi-point guide setting

The BIN-BIN STICK EXTRO of this work has gained more suppleness and tough lifting power while having sharper sensitivity than the previous work.
By improving the performance of the entire rod, the guide setting has also been redesigned to match the blank.
Through thorough testing, we have derived a precise guide setting that maximizes the performance of the blanks.

Fuji stainless steel frame + all SiC guide installed

Uses Fuji / Fuji Industries SiC-S / stainless steel frame guides that emphasize strength and quality.

Marking tip

Small thread dandruff and pecking such delicate at the time of wearing the bottom when the tide is high bite marking tip to be visualized.

All grip joint

All models use grip joints.

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