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334,02 €
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302,95 €
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334,02 €
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Full model change by response to the age

The BPM series, which seeks the performance of rods required by the times and blends in with the rhythm of people's lifestyles, has undergone a full model change. With a subdivided lineup that assumes all fields and situations such as shore fishing, boats, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and ponds, available for rod choices that match the angler's style.

From basic to the cutting edge

Line up models will be covered from standard basic models to dedicated models that specialize in specific lures and methods. The lineup can handle a fishing which requires a special tackle such as big bait, cranking, frog, power finesse etc., it corresponds to the latest method and expands the range of fishing.

More Sharper

We thoroughly verified the material and design, and accomplished a weight reduction up to about 18% compared to the previous model. The light weight and sharpness feeling has been more outstanding. In addition, the balance of the center of gravity has been optimized in consideration of the lure and situation, and the stress to the angler has been eliminated.

Total color coordination is base on black using sharp and stylish cosmetics. Its presence out standing in the field even more.

The guide is equipped as standard with an arconite guide manufactured by Fuji Industries, which has both sensitivity and strength. World standard reliable quality.

B1-C610L + LM (2022NEW)

Light plugging model to win fishing

Low Modulus model that makes it easy to handle small hardbait such as shad. The 6ft10in length and low elasticity blank that bends flexibly creates a sufficient flight distance even with a small hardbait, and the tip that bites in moderately brings it to hooking up without playing a precious bite. In addition, the blank that bends without the habit peculiar to low elasticity absorbs the rampage of fish and reduces the looseness during fighting. It is one that is indispensable for capturing small hardbait in tough fields.

B1-S61UL (2022NEW)

Light rig special that sublimates finesse style

finesse model capable of delicate microshake, which is indispensable for tough fields in recent years. The short length, which is the shortest in the 6ft1in series, enables fine and fine shakes, and at the same time, it creates lightness and sensitivity, and it is possible to control light rig at the angler's will. It is a special model that specializes in finesse, which is the most in the lineup.

B1-C70MG (2022NEW)

Fast moving model that completes retrieving fishing

A glass composite model specializing in handling medium and large fast moving lures such as DIGLE and TN. The sticky and supple blank peculiar to the glass brings out the action of the lure to the maximum, and not only the unexpected reaction bite but also the weak bite in the low water temperature period is firmly entwined. It is an indispensable one to complete the fishing of scrolls.

B1-C65XHSB (2022NEW)

Technical big bait model aiming at the pin spot

A heavy model dedicated to short casts that boldly attacks covers and cover with heavy lures such as big baits. The 6ft 5in, which is easy to handle even for side casting and pitching, makes it possible to add quick action at a short distance as well as casting accuracy. It is also easy to handle as a bamasto for swimming umbrella rigs, making it a unique technical rod.

B1-C611MHH (2022NEW)

Power Versatile to kill the big bass

The blank that combines the tip of MH power and the belly bat of H power improves the usability the lure by bending the tip moderately. It is a well-balanced setting that makes it difficult to repel unexpected bite and gives power to the bat from the berry so that hooking up is firmly determined. Medium-weight big baits, umbrella rigs, heavy spinner baits and swimming jigs are also easy-to-use models that play a central role in power games.

* Measurement position of grip length
The bait model is from the grip end part to the reel seat connection part
The spinning model is from the grip end to the center of the reel foot when the reel is attached.

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