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839 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 1259 PF Points)
TerületTengeri horgászat
TecnikaShore Jigging
RagadozóVérengző Makrahal, Leer Fish, Amberjack
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Lure WT
Line WT
Rod's weight
Grip length
(A) - (B) - (C)
Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
New Sonio 93M (RG) 9'3" 2(spigot) 147 Jig 10~100
Plug 10~70
1~3 276
790 - 495 - 250 DPS-20
Sonio 100M (K / RG) 10'0" 2(spigot) 158 Jig 10~100
Plug 10~70
1~3 283 (K)
288 (RG)
790 - 495 - 250 DPS-20



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1017,94 €
ÁFA 22% tartalmazza


839,36 €
ÁFA 22% tartalmazza
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The original rockshore rod, for anglers who seek the finest quality

We released our first rockshore rod over 20 years ago. MUTHOS was developed to satisfy the most dedicated anglers who are passionate about shore fishing for big fish. Because there was no rod specifically for this purpose, we explored new rods and fishing methods through a series of trial and error, making numerous prototypes and testing them many times. We avoided flashy designs and removed all unnecessary parts to focus on the essence of our ambitious ideas. The result of this long process was MUTHOS, a genuinely useful rockshore rod.


The handling of a light rod with the power of a rockshore rod

Powerful rods are necessary for targeting big fish, but they can’t handle light lures perfectly.  Medium-class rods are good for light lures around 10g, but they lack the strength to fight big targets. The main concept behind MUTHOS Sonio 100M was the need to overcome this issue. We finally created the ideal rod blank based on the MUTHOS Accura and many field tests. The Sonio 100M casts and controls 10g to 100g lures like a medium-class spinning rod with a sensitive, soft tip, yet it displays the exceptional power of a real rockshore rod when fighting big targets.


A rockshore rod that overturns common wisdom

Although this is a heavy-duty rod, we designed it so you can keep fishing for a long time thanks to its perfect flexibility that causes less muscle strain. It’s gentle on your body—from jig and plug control to casting—and is bendy enough to fight big fish.

Tip: magic tip

This rod has a magic tip with an exquisite balance that can only be achieved through feedback from real anglers, and matches a very wide range of jigs and plugs. Casting capability is particularly increased when you use a light plug, and the tip works very well for hooking short bites.

Belly: front part

The well-balanced elastic belly handles jig and plug resistance and increases lure usability. The belly section also absorbs shock from powerful fish reactions.

Belly: rear part

Beyond simple stiffness, high repulsion and torque provide easy control and good tension. This special belly also improves casting distance.

Butt: flexible, strong butt

The Accura 100H provides the power range of the previous HH class, while the Accura 100HH has the power of the HHH class, so you can aim for larger fish. This strong butt is not rigid or hard; it has enough rod curve to achieve high performance with minimum physical exhaustion. The maximum lure weight has also been increased.


The Duro series, featuring sharper rod action, is designed for experts. We developed it focused on the concepts of casting capability, lure controllability, and fight control. The highly elastic blank can overcome many difficult situations.

Sonio 93M
An evolutionary short rod enabling even more delicate lure manipulation

  • Length: 9'3" / Lure: 10-100g(Jig) 10-70g(Plug) / PE Line: 1~3
    Reel Size: SW 4000~6000
  • Targeting ~10kg fish

An evolutionary short rod that maintains the performance of the Sonio100M while enabling even more delicate lure manipulation.
The rod features easy handling thanks to its excellent rod balance and a rod action that does not impair lure movement.
Its surprisingly nimble handling also reduces the consumption of physical strength.
The crisp casting ability also contributes to the lure's flying distance.
A nimble and powerful short rod that allows anglers to create a different kind of rock shore game while utilizing a wide range of lures from 10g plugs to 100g jigs.

Sonio 100M
The handling of a light rod with the power of a rockshore rod

  • Length: 10'0" / Lure: 10-100g(Jig) 10-70g(Plug) / PE Line: 1~3
    Reel Size: SW 4000~6000
  • Targeting ~10kg fish

The exceptional MUTHOS Sonio 100M offers the usability of a medium-class spinning rod with a sensitive, soft tip, and can even control 10g lures. At the same time, it displays the exceptional power of a true rockshore rod when fighting big targets.

Accura 100H
Hi-spec all-rounder

  • Length: 10'0" / Lure: 30-200g(Jig) 30-120g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 5
    Reel Size: SW 6000~14000
  • Targeting 10~15kg fish

The Accura 100H lets you control a wide range of lure weights and types (jigs, popper plugs, diving pencil plugs, etc.) with power equal to the HH class. The Accura 100H is a genuine, high-function, all-round rod that maintains adequate pressure on fish with minimal tiredness.

Accura 100HH
Heavy versatile rod

  • Length: 10'0" / Lure: 60-230g(Jig) 40-150g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 6
    Reel Size: SW 8000~14000
  • Targeting 10㎏~20㎏ fish

Control light lures matching the 100H class to jigs over 200g without any anxiety. This rod demonstrates its strong power (of the HHH class) during fights. The Accura 100HH is a super versatile rod that is highly evolved to lead a new style of rockshore fishing.

Accura 100HHH
The ultimate rockshore rod

  • Length: 10'0" / Lure: 80-250g(Jig) 60-200g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 10
    Reel Size: SW 10000~20000
  • Targeting fish over 15㎏

The ultimate rockshore rod for anglers chasing their wildest dreams, the Accura 100HHH is ready for fishing adventures at rocky shores as you train arduously to make your dreams come true.


While this powerful rod is capable of handling large plugs over 200g, it also inherits the unique and versatile lure compatibility of the MUTHOS Accura series to handle lures as small as 16 centimeters. We created the best, most practical blank with parts that complement and enhance each other. The magic tip increases casting and maneuvering capabilities for light lures; the midsection unleashes its full potential while casting and fighting fish; and the strong, flexible butt supports long, fierce fights.

Duro 100H Pencil
Specialized rod for floating stickbaits

  • Length: 10'0" / Lure: 30-100g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 5
    Reel Size: SW 8000~14000
  • Targeting 10㎏ class fish

The Duro 100H Pencil is a very special rod that gives life to and maximizes the usability of diving pencils. The most difficult challenge in developing this model was achieving two essential factors that must be combined to control this type of lure: a super-soft tip for accurate diving and a stiff butt to drag lures with high water resistance. We finally came up with the ideal rod action after producing numerous test rods.

Accura 100H Baitcasting model
Heavy-duty baitcasting rod

  • Length: 10'0" / Lure: 30-200g(Jig) 30-120g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 5
    Reel Size: 300~400
  • Targeting 10㎏ class fish

The MUTHOS Accura with an evolved, heavy-duty baitcasting reel opens up new rockshore fishing potential. Rockshore baitcasting models have been used for targeting big fish and taking on tougher situations with thick braided lines. However, recently there are lightweight, easy-to-use baitcasting reels on the market that have enough power to catch big targets. Unlike the heavy baitcasting tackle of the past, the MUTHOS Accura100H can control PE2 to PE4 line systems without any stress and also fight fish weighing more than 10 kilograms. It’s highly versatile so you can use several types of 30g to 200g lures and the latest baitcasting reels for a new style of rockshore fishing.

Advantages of new baitcasting tackle
・A lighter reel weight than big spinning reels provides easy lure action and handling with less fatigue.
・New baitcasting reels have almost the same line capacity as the Shimano 8000 or Daiwa 4500 classes.
・Easily use new rockshore techniques like slow-pitch jigs.
・Baitcasting reels have more power than spinning reels, providing advantages while fighting and retrieving fish.
・The long shock-leader system is easier to use than spinning tackle.

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