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TerületTengeri horgászat
RagadozóVérengző Makrahal
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NameLength (ft/cm)WeightPowerLure WeightLineActionPiece
METAL TRIBE | MTX-908M 9ft8in 295cm 257g MEDIUM Jig : 30~80g Plug : ~60g PE MAX3 Fast 2
METAL TRIBE | MTX-1000MH 10ft 305cm 308g MEDIUM HEAVY Jig : 60~100g Plug : ~80g PE MAX4 Fast 2
METAL TRIBE | MTX-1006H 10ft6in 320cm 331g HEAVY Jig :60~120g Plug : ~100g PE MAX5 Fast 2



379,88 €
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In the surf live series, Jackson, who has built tremendous trust from anglers, has developed a shore jigging exclusive model "Metal Tribe" as a new challenge. There are various situations to use it even though it is a shore jigging rod, and it can be used in many locations such as embankments, rocky shore and surf. It is a rod that can withstand hard use and can catch fish even in extreme situations. This series has been repeatedly tested as a model that allows anyone to accurately cast at boiling Nabla and to increase the flight distance by using the rods power reservoir. The main target fish for shore jigging is blue-back fish, but as the size of the fish increases, the power increases dramatically. The offense and defense at rocky shore that can never be defeated by torqueful pull, and the but section is reinforced with cross tape to strengthen the repulsion of the rod. The front EVA grip adopts an oval shape in order to obtain a hold grip force that could not be obtained with the conventional circular cross-sectional shape and prevents slipping in seawater when lifted. "Metal Tribe" is a rod that guides the trophy fish into the hands of the angler taking full control without losing out to the large fish that can be targeted by shore jigging.

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