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54 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 81 PF Points)
Length : 172mm
Weight : 2.5oz
AmbitoAcqua Dolce
TecnicaBassfishing, Pike Fishing
PredatoreBlack Bass, Luccio
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The High Sider is a swimbait, jointed by four parts. Thanks to its careful balance and the use of low density resin, this lure is able to perform different actions simply changing the speed of the retrieve. During fast retrieves the lure moves in an irregular way, showing flattering action with its unstable meandering swim. The High Sider induces bite with its excellent response fixing the unbalance immediately.
The feather hook catches bass with a high probability even short bites or kiss bites.

HIGHSIDER :LENGTH_172mm WEIGHT_2/5oz class

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