Megabass Mulinelli, Mulinelli da Spinning

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Bearings: 9BB/1RB
Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
Line/Handle Turn: 71cm
Weight: 213g
Drag Max: 3.0Kg
Line Capacity: 5lb./140m, 6lb./100m

High torque overflows from the LUVITO256's compact, lightweight body, creating a new level of high power gaming. The LUVITO's lightness makes super-comfortable power plays a reality. Despite being lightweight, the carbon composite body achieves an astonishing degree of deflection stiffness. Megabass' unique "M-Drag Performance" displays instantaneous drag control, but at the required weight settings it starts working with a slight delay, reducing the chance of line breaks when using super thin lines, allowing it to challenge larger fish with a thinner line. It's built durable for long term use, and possesses the high level of strength needed to battle extreme monster fish.
The handle arm is cut out of a single piece of metal, giving it the high rigidity to deal with heavy weight loads, as well as giving it sensitive feedback characteristics during use. The bail and outer parts that generate inertia during rotation have been made with various hollow and lightweight parts, keeping balance and stability along the rod's axis.
In today's world of bass fishing gear, it has become more and more necessary to buy new equipment with each increase in performance, but the more you use the LUVITO, the more you will not be able to let go of it. It has been developed as a lifelong spinning reel that will be your companion and support you for years with its high specs and high grade construction.

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