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107 PF Points (Plus Fishing Member: 161 PF Points)
Length: 410mm(W) × 270mm(H) × 240mm(D)
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The inside lining uses tarpaulin and the bag features water-resistant zippers for improved water resistance.
A versatile bag with a military flavor.
* It is not completely waterproof.
* It does not include the Lunker Lunch Box or pictured accessories such as pliers.
* The photograph is a prototype.
The main compartment can hold 9 Lunker Lunch Boxes positioned on their side.
The large amount of space can accommodate not just lures, but rain wear and boots as well.
Accessories such as scissors and pliers can be attached to the belt loops positioned around the bag, allowing for a high degree of expandability.
The front, rear, and side pockets use water-resistant zippers for improved water resistance.
The bottom of the main storage compartment features a semi-hard insert to help keep the bag’s shape and protect its contents.

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